Do Upgraded Garage Doors Increase Home Value: What You Need to Know

As a homeowner, you know that your redo upgraded garage doors increase home valuesidential property represents an investment. One surprising way to protect your investment involves your garage door.

You may be wondering, “Do upgraded garage doors increase my home’s value?” Yes, they can. Did you know that even if your older garage door looks good and works well, it could be dragging down the value of your home?

At Madison Local Garage Door Pros, we help our customers improve the value and comfort of their homes. We provide professional garage door services in Madison, WI, and we have answers to all your questions about how garage doors impact the overall value of your residential property.

How Home Value is Calculated

Value can mean different things to different people, but when most consider a home’s value, they think of the property’s market worth.

The market worth or value of a property depends on several factors. For example, real estate agents may approximate a home’s market by considering:

  • Location
  • Current market trends
  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Size and amenities in bathrooms
  • Kitchen size and features
  • Outdoor accommodations
  • Build date
  • Materials used
  • Current condition

For homeowners considering placing their residential properties on the market, the property’s current condition helps determine a reasonable asking price. Homes in disrepair or featuring outdated amenities and appliances may fetch less than a property owner hopes.

Small home improvement projects provide an easy way to boost your home’s market value without the need for expensive renovations. You can start by updating older or outdated appliances, such as the door on your free-standing or attached garage.

Impact of Garage Door Quality on a Home’s Value

When most people consider updating their homes, the garage door may not even enter their minds. However, this often-overlooked appliance greatly impacts your home’s comfort, convenience, and selling potential.


Simply put, homes in disrepair that look rundown don’t sell as quickly or for as much money as better-looking properties.

If you want to sell your home, you may consider updating the paint, window trim, and roof. However, an updated garage door adds an air of high-tech modernity to your home while completing a charming exterior look. A cleaner, updated look for your home may translate to a higher market price in the long run. 


When we hear the question, “Do upgraded garage doors increase home value?” a big factor in the answer is functionality. New garage doors offer a variety of features that older models may not, such as portable or automatic garage door openers, improved insulation, heavy-duty tracks, and more.

Modern features and an improved exterior automatically boost your home’s selling potential and thus its base price.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door

In truth, any improvement you make to your home has the potential to boost its market value. Upgrading your garage door, however, helps your home sell more quickly and offers many other benefits.

Improved Security

Upgraded garage doors often come packed with new security options, including thicker glass, automatic closing, and rotating security codes.

Boosted Energy Efficiency

Like most modern technologies, new garage door models offer energy efficiency improvements compared to their older counterparts. With better insulation and seals, an upgraded garage door can reduce your home’s energy costs and improve comfort.


New garage doors come with manufacturer warranties as well as optional service warranties. Whether you decide to sell your home or not, these warranties help improve the value of your home by reducing the financial burden of unexpected repairs or damages.

Safety Features

Older garage door models may pose safety risks as they age and components fail. In many cases, new garage door models offer protective sensors that detect obstructions and automatically stop the door’s movement, preventing accidents.

Professional Garage Door Installation and Repair in Madison

Do upgraded garage doors improve home value? Absolutely. Swapping out your older garage door for a newer model significantly improves security, safety, aesthetics, and convenience. Each of these boosted features adds a selling point for your home, increasing its selling potential.

At Madison Local Garage Door Pros, we have what it takes to handle any garage door project. We empower our Madison customers to make informed decisions about their garage door installation or repairs. Learn about reconnecting garage door openers after an outage and much more by exploring our blog or giving us a call at 608-515-1449 today.