7 Garage Door Problems to Watch Out For

garage door problems

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Garage doors open and close more than 1500 times a year. Therefore, they are bound to break down from time to time. The problem could be as simple as a dead battery in a remote or as complex as a damaged spring system.

Either way, it is usually easy to evaluate the problem. That said, many homeowners don’t know the signs of trouble on sight. An expert garage door service in Madison, WI, can give your door a thorough examination and uncover any hidden problems.

Below are some common garage door issues and their possible remedies.

Garage Door is Noisy

Loose parts and inadequate lubrication are the main reasons for garage door noise. You can often rectify the problem by tightening the screws on all exposed parts of the door and applying lubricants to the rollers. If you notice any loose springs, contact professionals immediately, since these can be dangerous.

Wall Switches and Remote Controls Don’t Work

The first thing to do when your wall switches and remote controls don’t work is to check the batteries. They may be grounded or discharged, and a replacement will likely fix the issue.

If your garage door uses a wall switch, you must confirm that the wirings remain intact. There may be de-soldered wires in there. Reconnect the wires (if you feel comfortable doing so yourself) and check the switch.

If your best efforts don’t yield any results, you should call a professional for help and advice.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close Completely

This is one of the more prolific garage door problems. There are many reasons why your garage door will not open or close entirely, including:

  • Broken springs
  • A dirty photo eye
  • Misaligned tracks
  • Misadjusted limit settings
  • Obstructions at the bottom of the door

Troubleshoot for each of the above and try to open and close the garage door again. If the door still performs suboptimally, it’s time to call in a technician.

Garage Door Reverses Before Closing

Most modern garage doors feature designs that keep them from closing on a pet or child. If the garage door lowers partway but reverts to the open position, its sensors may be detecting obstructions that aren’t actually there.

Check to confirm that the two sensors on both sides of the garage door frame are aiming correctly at each other across the width of the frame. If either needs replacing, call for service.

The Garage Door Sags

Old garage doors may start to sag as the stress of opening and closing over the years manifests. Sagging garage doors move a lot more slowly. Professionals repair the sagging doors with tension rods.

However, it may be best to consider replacing the door with a newer model that will move smoothly and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for doors that need regular repairs.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Respond Sometimes

The common cause of this garage door problem is a dying or weak battery. However, if you change the battery and the situation doesn’t change, the problem may lie elsewhere. Some people with older garage doors have reported interference from their neighbor’s garage door remotes.

The Door Comes Off The Hinges

A garage door unit that comes off its hinges likely has misaligned level tracks. If you’ve ever hit the door with your car, that can also throw off the alignment.

If your garage door has fallen off the hinges entirely, don’t attempt to fix it, even if you have help. Garage doors are simply too heavy, so there is a risk of physical injury. It’s best to call in a professional to mount the door and correct the reason for the detachment.

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Even for DIY repairs, we can provide the guidance you need to get it right. For example, here’s a post for those who want to know about setting the limits of a garage door opener.

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