How to Find a Reliable Contractor?

You decided that this was it! The house must be renovated. The kitchen has long been lost on its ‘magic’, the rooms are not planned according to your family composition, and you want to rebuild your home according to your needs. Time to find a reliable contractor.

It is important that you know who you deal with before you enter the renovation phase because when you are already there, you can not regret it. Renovations are a long story, complex, dirty, tedious, and not simple at all both for the tenants at home and for all the neighbors and people living nearby. A lot of noise, dust, and dirt. So how come everyone renovates? We will try to help you through the process to be easy and with minimal distress.

So, do I need a contractor?

Some people renovate without a contractor; they bring in the craftsmen themselves and try to schedule them on their own. The result could be long and tedious work that goes well beyond what is desirable because when you manage alone on the job, you should pay attention to the order of work in terms of professionalism, standards, scheduling, and time-frame. E.g. an electrician must be commissioned accordingly with the work of the renovator, as well as the plumber must be coordinated when his work is supposed to be integrated into the construction process. Then, the sequence continues with a door installer that is supposed to come before the painter, and the carpenter also has the exact time he or she should arrive. Long story short, trying to manage it all by yourself can become tedious, confusing, and poorly managed.

You’ve decided to look for a contractor

So, you understood that without this contractor it would not work. Now you have the task of finding the contractor. How will you find the contractor that you can trust in all the construction processes? To do this you must learn how to choose a contractor.

As in everything, here, too, we will find the best indication of the contractor’s professionalism, the inquiries about his professionalism and his work, from a social standpoint as well. Ask people who have recently renovated and tried to get an impression of whether they were satisfied with the work, whether the contractor met the schedule he had committed to, and whether the work was done professionally with high-quality, durable materials.

Visit a construction site – If you have a possibility, you should go visit the houses or buildings that the contractor has renovated so that you will get the impression of his work by the work style, quality, finish and the overall look.

You are happy and decided to go with the contractor

After you have found a professional who seems to suit you and meets all your requirements it is important to clearly summarize all the project’s details, such as a detailed quote that includes a realistic deadline, materials, costs, order, etc.


You can start looking for contractors on reputable websites such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor