Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring Replacement

Garage doors operate under a massive amount of pressure. Springs bear the weight of that pressure, helping your garage door to lift and lower effortlessly and safely. But, given the weight and pressure that springs bear, they are often the first of your garage door components to break down.

Is your garage door using Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs? If so, there are a number of reasons why you should consider replacing them with a different style of spring when they reach the end of their usable lifespan. Here’s a look at Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs, why they should be replaced with something different, plus how to go about replacing them safely.

Torquemaster Springs vs. Torsion Springs

Wayne Dalton’s Torquemaster springs are stored in a hollow tube, so you can’t actually see them when examining your garage. With most springs, you can clearly see when they break and need replacement. That’s not the case with Wayne Dalton’s Torquemaster springs. You can’t clearly see that they are broken because they are located in this hollow tube. You only know something is wrong if and when your garage door stops operating properly, which may not always occur.

For example, if you have a two-car garage door and one of your two garage door springs break, you may still be able to operate the door. Since Wayne Dalton doors are generally light-weight, some higher-end openers, like the Liftmaster brand, may still be able to open the door with just the one working spring. However, because one spring is broken, the garage door motor has more weight to carry, which will end up causing the motor to wear out sooner than it would with a healthy spring system and require a repair or replacement.

Torsion springs are a little bit different. They sit above the garage door and are parallel to the garage door threshold. There is no tubing, so you can clearly see them. If and when torsion springs break, you can clearly see how the springs have separated — there’s no wondering if the spring is the problem or not.

Torsion springs are also the most durable and commonplace of garage door springs, meaning they provide great value, and all garage door technicians are adept at working on and replacing them.

When your garage door doesn’t open, you generally can’t recognize the cause of the issue unless it’s visible, such as in the case of torsion springs.

Why Convert From Torquemaster to Torsion Springs?

If your garage door still uses Torquemaster springs, we recommend replacing them with torsion springs at your earliest convenience. There are several reasons why.

First and foremost, Wayne Dalton no longer manufactures iDrive operators. Genie Operators purchased the Wayne Dalton company and discontinued iDrive production. Today, people who own Torquemaster spring systems have an operator of a different brand. It’s always difficult to own and maintain systems after the manufacturer stops servicing them, and that’s definitely the case with Wayne Dalton’s Torquemaster springs and iDrive systems.

Another disadvantage is that Wayne Dalton’s Torquemaster spring system is also composed of the drums that are attached to the tube on each side. These drums are made out of plastic — as opposed to metal ones that come with a torsion spring system — and have cables that roll into their slots that are thinner than those of a torsion spring system,which makes them prone to rust, fray, and breaks.

While there are many different types of springs available for garage doors, torsion springs have emerged as the most popular options for a number of reasons. As noted above, torsion springs are known for their effectiveness, durability and long lifespans. If you want garage door springs you can count on to do the heavy lifting day after day over the long-term, torsion springs are your best bet.

Again, when a Torquemaster spring breaks, you won’t know until your garage door stops lifting and lowering. It’s nearly impossible to tell with the naked eye that the spring is broken.

If and when you do become reasonably sure that your Torquemaster springs are broken and need replacement, here’s a video that quickly displays a before-and-after Torquemaster to torsion springs system conversion on a customer’s garage door.

One warning before you try to replace Torquemaster springs on your own: Because garage door springs are under such massive amounts of tension, replacing them is a task best left to highly experienced professionals. A novice trying to replace garage door springs could damage components or even get injured.

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