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Types of Garage Door Openers We Sell in Madison, WI

There are two types of garage door openers we: belt drive and chain drive openers.

When you need to choose the best garage door opener, there's a lot to consider.

Learn the differences between these two different garage door opener types to help you decide on the best option for your home.

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Belt Drive Openers

Belt drives have a belt running along the garage door tracks to move the door. This drive option is more expensive, but it makes minimal noise.

The quiet operation and smart Wi-Fi capabilities of our Premium Series 8355W belt drive opener make it the top-ranked choice within the industry.

Each of our belt drive openers come with:

  • A wall button
  • A pair of sensors
  • An outdoor wireless keypad
  • Two remotes
  • Wi-Fi capability with the myQ app.

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Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers, such as our Premium Series 8365W, consist of a metal chain moving the garage door on its tracks.

While this drive type creates more noise, it is more affordable and extremely reliable.

We only supply LiftMaster openers because they are regarded as the most durable and reliable garage door openers in the industry.

Each chain-drive opener comes with

  • A wall button
  • A pair of sensors
  • An outdoor wireless keypad
  • Two remotes
  • Wi-Fi capability with the myQ app.

Madison Local Garage Door Pros sells Liftmaster garage door openers with chain or belt drives. View our selection above if you're in need of a replacement garage door opener in the Madision, Wi area!

What Is the Best Type of Garage Door Opener Drive?

Choosing the best type of garage door opener depends on your preferences:

1. Belt Drive

  • Pros: Quietest drive opener, dependable, durable
  • Cons: Most expensive

2. Chain Drive

  • Pros: Reasonable price, reliable
  • Cons: Noisy

How Powerful Should the Opener Be?

When determining how much power you should have in the motor, take into consideration the material used to make your garage door.

Is it lightweight aluminum, sturdy steel, or an extravagant but heavy wood?

  • For standard steel and aluminum doors, a 1/2-horsepower motor should work nicely.
  • For hefty doors or wooden doors, you should consider a 3/4-horsepower motor. DC motors are more efficient than AC and sometimes offer battery backups.

Ceiling Height and Safety Features

Take an accurate measurement of the height of your garage door.

Is it seven feet or is it taller?

  • If your garage door is seven feet tall (the standard), then you will be fine purchasing a typical motor.
  • If it is any taller, you will have to invest in an extension kit to ensure the motor works effectively and safely.

With respect to safety, you must be certain your motor comes with at least the standard features. These include:

  • Automatic reversal: Sensors detect whether an object could stop the door from closing. If an object is present, the garage door will immediately stop and reverse back to the open position.
  • Photoelectric sensors: These sensors detect the presence of a car or person to turn lights on inside your garage.
  • Emergency manual release: Allows you to bypass your opener's system to open manually during a power outage.
  • Rolling-code technology: This sends a different code to your remote every time you use it to prevent others from accessing your garage.
  • Backup battery: A backup battery for your garage door opener will power the opener during a power outage.

We cannot overstate the importance of safety for your garage door, which should be a priority for everyone.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about garage door safety, our garage door products, and our commitment to providing excellent service every time.

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