COVID-19 Update

covid 19 update garage door madison wi

Madison Local Garage Door Pros is considered an “essential business” during these troubling times.

Consequently, we are fully-operational and are ready to assist our customers in any way possible.

Our technicians have all tested negative for the virus and are all acting in accordance with CDC’s instructions.

Additionally, we have adjusted our protocols to minimize face-to-face customer interactions. These include providing:

  • On-site, over-the-phone estimates
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Credit card payments over the phone and without any additional fees

Our crew will also wear masks, gloves, use alcogel, and maintain at least six (6) ft distance from any customer.

If you need any garage door repair or installation services, please don’t hesitate to call (608) 530-6219 or contact us online anytime.

Stay safe!

Madison Local Garage Door Pros

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