Garage Door Repair in Waunakee, WI

Garage Door Repair – Waunakee, WI

Did your garage door opener final give out? You click and click the door remote, yet still, nothing happens. Who would you call that does garage door repairs in Waunakee, WI? As you search online for garage door opener repairs near me, you will find us ready to take your call.

When it comes to professional garage door installations and repairs, your neighbors turn to us, their local Garage Door Pros. We carry an assortment of high-quality garage door parts and products, are always available to answer your door questions, and will provide you with expert solutions for all of your garage door repair concerns.

Garage Door Opener Repairs in Waunakee, WI

A vital part of your garage door’s system is the door opener. When it is not functioning correctly, the door will not open or close automatically. That forces you to pull the garage door release cord, then physically lift up and then pull down the door, to enter or exit.

Quite often, we will find that your door opener has reached the point where replacement is the only option. However, there are times, depending on the brand and model, we will find some openers that are still repairable. The malfunction was minor. If the device has a loose or broken chain, broken gear sprocket, or stripped gear, we can repair it.

When replacement is necessary, our Local Garage Door Pros team in Waunakee, Wisconsin, will provide you with four types of electric garage door openers to choose from:

  • Chain Drive Opener: Chain drive, garage door openers are sturdy and provide optimal lifting power, and are dependable. These units do require lubricating or greasing the chain as part of their scheduled maintenance, and their noise level is loud.
  • Belt Drive Opener: Belt drive openers are considered more superior and quieter than a chain drive device. The opener’s maintenance requirements are wiping the belt often, oiling the belt wheel, and periodically checking the alignment if bolts start loosening.
  • Screw Drive Opener: Known as, direct drive system, this screw drive opener gives you the fastest operating speeds and the most power. Maintaining it is simple. Inspect all assembly nuts and bolts, and tighten if needed, and oil the threaded rod with a greased rag to prevent squeaking and door bounce.
  • Jackshaft Opener: This device, required for non-parallel use, the Jackshaft garage door opener gets installed when a standard opener cannot. Due to its custom installation and operation, the hinges on the garage door need continuous lubrication. That prevents less friction from the door’s natural fall and the potential for cables coming off.

Additional Garage Door Services in Waunakee, WI

Along with garage door opener repairs and new opener installations, the Local Garage Door Pros provides other garage door repairs in Waunakee, WI.

  • Garage Door Spring Repairs

The garage door overhead torsion spring is at the center of your garage door system. These springs are dangerous and pose a safety risk to adjust. Without the proper tools and expertise, we highly recommend that you do not try to fix it yourself. Please seek out trained professionals who service garage door springs regularly.

  • Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage door panel replacement is a complicated procedure. Most of the operational parts of your door system are disconnected, unplugged, and removed. Once replaced, each component must be tested to provide flawless opening and closing operations. That process requires technical expertise and extreme precision to ensure you have a fully functional garage door when finished.

  • Garage Door Installations

Selecting a new garage door provides you with the latest safety features and upgrades, as well as complementing the exterior look of your home. We offer various door options, including wood, steel, carriage, and much more. When you are ready to have a new garage door installed at your home, contact us. One of our garage door specialists will set up a time to meet with you.

Budget-Friendly Garage Door Repairs in Waunakee, WI

All homeowners are budget conscious. Every property manager and construction business owner scrutinize their labor costs and profit margins closely. For that reason, the Waunakee Local Garage Door Pros work hard to provide budget-friendly garage door repairs.

We will come out, offer a full diagnostic, and a written estimate for a nominal service call fee. Should you decide to move forward and take the next step with us, we will deduct that expense from the total cost of the job.

Our Waunakee, WI, team is ready to assist with repairs and your garage door’s maintenance issues. Contact us online or give us a call at (608) 515-1449 to set up a quick repair or maintenance appointment today.


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