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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener May Stop Working

There are many reasons why garage door openers may break down, including the colder weather in Cross Plains, WI.

It can be frustrating when a garage door opener won’t open all the way, or at all, on a busy day. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to continue. Here are some common reasons that may be preventing your garage door from opening or closing all the way:

  • Cold weather: Sometimes garage doors won’t close all the way in cold weather. Colder seasons may cause grease to coagulate, metal to contract, and springs to become brittle or even snap, causing your garage door to not open all the way.
  • Out-of-adjustment: The limit settings could be off, causing the garage door to reverse and not close all the way.
  • Cables have snapped: The cables can snap and cause nearby damage if a torsion spring breaks.
  • Sensors have gone bad: This could happen from water leaking onto the wires connected to the sensor, an object could be blocking the sensors, or the sensitivity settings may need adjusting.
  • Remote control issues: The antenna on the motor may be damaged or blocked, the remote may need a battery change, or the remote may be out of range or in need of reprogramming.
  • Rusty rollers: These can cause your garage to not open or close all the way.
  • Opener installation: Due to an oversight in the original garage door opener installation, some door opener features may not function properly.

Opener Repairs That We Typically Perform

We’re happy to be the greater Cross Plains area’s go-to providers for garage door and garage door opener repairs of all kinds. Our services include:

  • Replacing and adjusting sensors
  • Adjusting limits and forces
  • Rewiring
  • Programming and reprogramming new remotes
  • Programming and reprogramming wireless keypads

If you would like to install an opener by yourself, check out this garage door opener installation tutorial.

Why Choose Madison Local Garage Door Pros for Opener Installations and Repairs?

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  • Extended warranty

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