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Garage Door Weatherstripping Repair Services in Madison

Your garage protects many of your belongings, so it should keep all the elements out so that everything you own remains safe and dry. That’s why weatherstripping is important. Weatherstripping is a sealing that fills the gaps around a garage door.

At Madison Local Garage Door Pros, we can fix your garage door’s bottom weatherstripping to keep your belongings safe. We value customer service and provide fast and reliable contractors who can take care of your repair, replacement, and installation needs. Give us a call today at (608) 515-1449.

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The process of placing weatherstripping typically involves PVC stop molding or vinyl flaps to close off any gaps left by a misaligned garage door. While garage doors are installed to fit into their frame, some gapping usually presents along the bottom and sides, which is why we recommend weatherstripping for every garage door.

Benefits of Weatherstripping (Sealing) the Bottom of Your Garage Door

Sealing the edges of your garage door will provide many benefits. You should have weatherstripping installed for:

  • Insulation: Blocking any gaps will keep the warm air in during the winter and the hot air out during the summer.
  • Protection from flooding: With rain and snow showing up sporadically throughout the seasons, it’s natural for water to end up in your garage, especially if you’re at the bottom of a hill. Fortunately, proper sealing will keep your interior dry.
  • A guard against bugs: Sealing your garage door will close even tiny gaps that little bugs could crawl through.
  • A longer garage door lifespan: Weatherstripping will keep the elements outside and help the metal of your garage door last longer.

Signs Your Garage Door Bottom Seal Needs To Be Replaced

If you already have weatherstripping on the bottom of your garage door, you may be wondering when it needs a replacement. To determine whether your seal is wearing down, check for the following signs:

  • Puddles of water in your garage
  • Water damage
  • Daylight peeking through when the door is closed
  • Noticeable drafts
  • Rusted metal around the door

If you see any of these signs, you need to replace your weatherstripping as soon as possible to get the most from your garage door.

Why Choose Madison Local Garage Door Pros?

At Madison Local Garage Door Pros, our staff has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We offer 24/7 repair, installation, and replacement, and we have a wide service area to make our assistance accessible no matter where you are.

Outside of Madison, WI, we can replace your garage door seal in Verona, Middleton, Fitchburg, Cottage Grove, Waunakee, and DeForest, and surrounding areas.

We are locally owned and operated, which means we’re here to cater to your needs and give you a pleasant customer service experience in the Madison, WI, area.

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Whether your garage is storing your car or your seasonal decorations, you want to protect what’s inside. Get the most out of your garage door by replacing your old seal.

If you find yourself looking to replace your garage door’s weatherstripping, give us a call at (608) 515-1449 or fill out an estimate request online to get started.